Time to Plant!

by - February 10, 2009

Because the weather has been so nice this week, I've had the itch for gardening. This morning Scooby and I went to Logan's and you can imagine my excitement when all the old-men gardeners were at the store buying up seeds and plants. It's time! It's time!

Here's a list of what should be planted between now and March 15 in Piedmont NC, asterisks indicate what I will be planting.

Asparagus (roots)
Broccoli (seeds*, plants)
Carrots * (Before March 1)
Cauliflower (seeds, plants)
Kale (Before April 1)
Lettuce, leaf*
Lettuce, head*
Mustard (Before April 1)
Onions*, yellow, white, red (sets)
Peas, Garden* (Before March 1)
Potato, Irish*
Radish (Before April 15)
Rutabaga (Before April 1)
Turnip (Before April 15)

I wish I had gone sooner, because our soil needs a lot of work. I'm also going to have to ignore the packets on some of these that say to plant after frost - I've got to trust the locals!

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  1. If you run out of time for seeding directly into the soil, try potted vegetable plants. http://www.gardenharvestsupply.com/category/home-garden-plants-potted



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