First Blossom of the Season

by - April 13, 2009

Yesterday, on the day we celebrated Life and the Resurrection, I went outside to enjoy the greenery. I was completely surprised to find one of my pea plants had dared to send out a blossom. I planted the peas with beans and spinach in the middle of February. While the beans rotted in the soil because it was still too cold, the peas have been doing well and are looking for things to climb on, including each other. When I realized my beans had not survived, I began starting batches both indoors and outdoors trying to catch the opportune panting window, and there is a fairly nice batch growing now - a bean plant per pole. The broccoli I purchased from Logan's is thriving, but there are still only leaves. I love the green of the broccoli. It has a great blueish tint and I wish I had a t-shirt to match.

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