Tips on Saving Money in the Perennial Garden

by - April 10, 2009

I am not a very experienced or skilled gardener. However, there are a couple things I have found to save money while building up a perennial garden.

1) Buy plants on clearance after their peak. Last year I bought (at 50% off) several containers of Easter Lilies that had lost most of their flowers. I planted them, let them die back and they have multiplied this spring.

2) Cut and root clippings and replant. I have a huge Black and Blue Salvia plant I got from Whole Foods two springs ago. Last summer I attempted to take a couple clippings and replant them. It looks like one or two might have taken even though they quickly wilted and died last year. Also, I was told in order to get a bushier plant with more flowers to trim these back to about one foot tall once they get several feet tall.

3) Divide 'em! Last summer I bought three containers of Daylilies from the Farmer's Market and divided them upon planting and the divided the fuller ones again at the end of the summer. I now have many more plants, some of which are even bushier. However, don't over-divide and clip. I killed all my Purple Heart in a feat of ambitious multiplication.

4) Take care of your plants. I didn't take care of my azaleas after I planted them last year, and one died and the other two look pretty terrible. Buy plants that you know you have the time and touch to handle.

5) Harvest the seeds and plant them. I have been harvesting my Columbine seeds each year, and while many of my plants didn't come back, I have started some seeds indoors. I have also done this with garlic chives, and they have done really well.

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  1. thanks for the info, paige!

    eric just put in some plants for our tiny garden (lettuces, thyme, oregano, parsley, mint, cilantro, & rosemary). we're hoping to add some dill, tarragon, peppers, & tomatoes at the very least.

    i've been inspired by your garden. keep growing!

  2. Thanks! I love herb gardens. Many of those are perennials/evergreens. Have fun with that :)

  3. i think we're also going to add some zucchini, sugar snap peas, & the aforementioned peppers & other herbs. i saw your pepper cage. what's the benefit?

    (oh & you can see pics of the garden at eric's blog:

  4. Other than saving space and looking odd, I don't know that there is one. I think it will require more frequent watering and maybe some fertilizer since so many plants are sharing the soil.



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