Flank Steak Pinwheels

by - May 13, 2009

Last night I prepared a dish called Flank Steak Pinwheels. I can only rip off so many recipes from Allrecipes.com on my blog, and other than leaving out the breadcrumbs, I didn't alter this one much, so I will just let you visit the link yourself. In the process of tenderizing the meat, Joe made these long and rather deep cuts, so I filled those with feta and drizzled olive oil over the top, hoping to lock in moisture and add flavor, and it created fun stripes on the outside. The spinach was from our garden. The taste was phenomenal. The feta, spinach, red onion and garlic blended nicely with the marinade, and the steak was tender.

*I apologize to my vegetarian and vegan friends who may find pictures of meat disgusting. Tofu does the same to me ;)

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  1. drool.....I need to try new things with beef. My last 2 attempts weren't great. How do you tenderize the meat? I need a mallet...and I don't really know how.

  2. Ok, I am such a carnivore & being pregnant adds to it. That looks so yummy!

  3. Ok. Love the new layout/masthead, but why?! Why would you do this to me? Next time you post large photos of meat, could you warn a sister?

  4. Andrea, to tenderize meat, a mallet would be great, but I used a hammer before I bought one. I put mine in a strong ziplock bag, cover with a hand towel (to prevent splattering in case of breakthrough), and take out my daily aggressions. Marinades also tenderize, but be careful not to marinade too long in fruit juices or acidic sauces, or the meat will get a nasty mushy grainy texture. Poking with a fork or doing small cuts with a knife helps the meat take in the marinade.

    Beth, you know it made you hungry for REAL food.



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