Potatoes Un-potted

by - June 04, 2009

I had one plastic small pot in which I had planted one red skinned potato seed. The seed was about the size of a golf ball. Over the past couple months, this pot has struggled because of it's tendency to dry out due to its size and the soil content, which was only peat. Several times the plant has wilted only to be revived to a spotty but decidedly perky state.

Today, the plant looked like it was finally at the end of its road, so although it was a little early, I decided to un-pot the plant and see what grew.

I was expecting to find nothing in the pot but a tangled mess of roots.

Instead, as I began to shake out the earth, I found a healthy number of maggots and a small but respectable harvest of new potatoes.

The other potatoes are still growing strong and I anticipate to get a much larger yield from them.

The rest of the gardens are also doing very well. I haven't been doing any more pollination by hand as the bumble bees are back in full force due to the dry weather.

I purchased a pot of cukes from Walmart which had seven sprouts, and I failed to thin them out any and now they are growing all over the tomato cage, the brick path, and on top of other tomato plants.

The peppers are setting fruit as well. This pepper, although only a centimeter or so in length, will grow to 4-6 inches before I harvest it, deseed it, fill it with Monterey Jack cheese, dip it in an egg batter and deep fry it!

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  1. Potatoes!! If you ever find yourself overwhelmed with too many potatoes, you can just send them right on over. I would be happy to take any extries off yer hands.

  2. paige- just found your blog- very fun! looking forward to keeping up!

  3. Yum, yum, yum I hope there will be some harvest of something when I visit.

  4. Mmm, what about the maggots? breaded and deep fried as well? They might be hard to stuff with cheese, so I recommend a cheese sauce instead.

  5. Jamie, that's so nasty. You know I don't have much of a gross filter, but that's grossssss.



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