Class Update

by - September 24, 2009

My Wednesday night class with Julie Olson has been getting my creative juices flowing and reminding me of tricks of the craft. So far, getting back into throwing is not unlike getting back on a bike after not riding for awhile. My hands seem to know what to do, and I love it.

Julie has demonstrated three-pull cylinders, handles, mixing bowls, batter bowls, pasta bowls and plates. My favorite has been the wide-rimmed pasta bowls. It makes so much sense to have a place to rest the bread instead of trying to chase the sauce away during the meal! The biggest encouragement from Julie has been to detach myself enough from my work so that if it isn't good I can let it go. I've often tried to save pieces from cracks and blips only to waste precious time and energy. The time would better be spent starting over and improving my skills.

I'm in the process of applying to a couple of shows for the fall and winter and have been thinking through the preparations such as how many pieces I need to prepare, what I'd like to sell, and how it should be marketed. I have no business experience, but I enjoy throwing and like the idea of a show or two to motivate me. I also need to start thinking about Christmas and wedding gifts. Why buy when I can make?

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  1. nice! i love seeing what you're doing. and seeing your cutie truckin' around in the background.



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