Kiln Opening!

by - October 13, 2009

We were very pleased with the way the Antique Iron fired! We got the full range of brown, red, green, and even a touch of blue. The only disappointment was that several of the pieces have spots where the glaze did not take, which was likely due to me stacking waxed pots before dipping them. Lesson learned: no stacking after waxing!

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  1. Paige-
    Your stuff is so beautiful!! I need to get my act together and glaze some stuff myself. Your pictures are so inspiring :)

  2. Can't wait for the Handmade Market! Wee!

  3. I love your creations, Paige! We started collecting pottery, but now with only one part-time job between us, I can neither afford to buy or learn to make pottery. Perhaps a barter would be in order? ;)



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