Belly Pic, 15 Weeks

by - December 19, 2009

Friday we all met with the second of my two obgyns for a prenatal checkup. I hadn't gained any weight since last month, I obviously needed to drink a lot more water (I blame being sick for almost two weeks), and I was nervous as we waited to get to listen for the little one. Well the doctor nailed the baby's location with the doppler on first try, about two inches south and to the slight right of my belly button, and the heart was racing at a strong 160 beats per minute. It was such a relief and it was great to have the doctor assure me that the baby seemed to be doing well. Personally, I'm convinced it's a girl, but I will be excited either way.

I'd been telling my friends that I was worried that the baby wasn't growing because I didn't think I was showing, but it turns out, I am showing. See how my belly is sticking out past my boobs? - not hard to accomplish, but still, I think I do look a little pregnant. I only just started taking my weekly belly pics today because until my doctor appointment on Friday, I was still paranoid about losing this one and didn't want the pain of belly progression pics that had another sad ending. As a reference, I posted a picture from the summer. I'm wearing a looser shirt and sitting, and was taken a week after my missed miscarriage at 12 weeks. I had a picture of me with a flat tummy from a month into that pregnancy, but Joe says bare belly pics aren't appropriate for my blog. I love that man.

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  1. What do you mean you thought you weren't showing?? You are and congratulations on the 160 beats per minute. Take care of yourself. By the way I agree with hubby - no bare belly shots.

  2. you are SO showing!!!! and girls do have a higher heart rate...and 160 is high :)

  3. so glad to hear the good report from your prenatal appointment. wishing the puckett family all the best for the christmas season. here's to a lovely 2010!



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