Dining Room Pod Invasion

by - March 05, 2010

Our dining room currently has no room for eating, but please answer me, who actually uses their dining room for eating? Not this family. Tiny little sprouts in half-dollar pods are all over my table, the window sills and the plant shelf. Some have been fortunate enough to be transplanted to peat pots, but the rest will just have to wait. The California Orange Bells have finally sprouted. I am still waiting on the Canary Yellow Bells, the Green Bells, the Anaheims, and a couple herbs. There are still several tomatoes that are stubbornly refusing to sprout, so they have been reseeded.

This weekend, Joe and I will build our first cold frame (read: Joe will build while I look on with a critical eye). Our friends gave us a storm window which will be mounted on and hinged to a slanted wood frame recessed into the ground. With the window closed, the box should stay warm enough for the young plants to grow until they are planted in the ground. Pictures and updates are to come!

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  1. my orange bells are the last to sprout - I'm afraid they might not. :(

  2. Don't give up on them! 5/6 of mine sprouted after 2 weeks.



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