Garden Pics

by - March 12, 2010

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  1. What do you have outside in the ground already?

  2. Peas, romaine, 2 kinds of spinach, onions, garlic and a bed of perennial herbs and strawberries from last year.

  3. you do bamboo poles for your peas? I didn't know they'd climb that! and what's the low-growing leafy herb - oregano? I must know!

  4. Last year my Thomas Laxton peas grew very tall and they did okay on the bamboo, but it was a little slippery for them. Once my beans came up (which loved the poles), they wrapped all around the bean vines. I originally thought they'd only grow two feet or so, but mine were easily twice that. I'm guessing something with more of a net quality would work better for climbing and their curly tendrils. I might add some twine as they get taller. Yes, that is oregano. I bought it at the farmers market in the fall and it's really taken off.



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