Hot Box

by - March 16, 2010

We never did put hinges on the hot box (or is it a cold frame?), but I put it out yesterday and left the tomatoes in them for the afternoon and overnight. Not knowing how well the box retains heat, I was worried that the temperature had dropped too much for them overnight, but today they were still perky and even looked better than they did the day before. I brought them in this afternoon and will continue to take them in and out for the next several days until the night time temps are consistently in the mid forties or higher.

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  1. you didn't by chance end up with an extra window I could have, huh? I'm running out of space on my dining room table...and running out of 3" pots!

  2. I'm looking into it. My source might have extras. Joe only picked up two panes while there and was going to build me two boxes (though maybe not this year since we only had scrap wood for the one). If it doesn't work out that I can get another, I'll pass on my second one.

  3. thanks! right now, I'm leaving my second-leaved tomato sprouts out on the back screened porch during the day and bringing them in at dusk. they might grow slower due to the cool weather here and there, but I don't think it'll kill 'em



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