Mottled Squash Leaves

by - April 28, 2010

I was a little concerned that my largest and most vigorous squash plants had a disease, so I went digging on the garden forums to try to find a picture similar to mine (the picture above is of my plants). Sure enough, there was one, but it was for zucchini. Someone even commented "that's how zucchini leaves are supposed to look." That's when I got confused. Isn't zucchini a summer squash? Why are some called squash and some called zucchini? Well I went and checked the seed packet for this plant, and even more confusing is that it's titled "Summer Squash, Butterstick Hybrid Zucchini". Which is it? When I cook it for dinner, do I say, "This is sauteed yellow zucchini" or "This is sauteed squash"? Does it matter how I announce the meal anyhow? Seriously, who announces their meals?

It turns out, these leaves are totally fine! I can relax ... at least about the health of the plant.

Well, I have planted four varieties of yellow summer squash (crookneck early, Pic-N-Pic Hybrid, Goldbar Hybrid, and Butterstick Hybrid Zucchini) and one type of green zucchini (Aristocrat)... or is it that I have three types of summer squash and two types of zucchini... or should I just say I am growing many plants from the Cucurbitaceae family?

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  1. wow your plants are huge!! My squash (butternut) plants have yet to push their little seedling heads out of the ground!!

  2. I started those indoors awhile back. There's a lot of manure in that box helping out too ;).

  3. yay for poop!

    in other news, seeing photos of those huge squash plants doesn't do much to ease my garden envy. ;)

  4. TC, didn't mean to make you jealous.. I've got others that are small. Give your babies a little fertilizer love and they'll be okay. I have a confession I'll share with you in private.

  5. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it



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