Five Weeks, Three Projects

by - May 10, 2010

I am five weeks out from my due date and thought it would be an excellent idea to come up with five projects around the house, one for each week. Then, I changed that to three projects just in case the baby is two weeks early.

Five Weeks, Three Projects

Project: Paint master bath
1) Wipe down walls and trim
2) Wipe and scrape that nasty edge at the top of the shower
3) Putty and sand chipped edges at top of shower
4) Putty and sand really crappy job the builders did at the base of the garden tub
5) Tape every edge
6) Paint
7) Caulk top edge of shower

On second thought, this job is clearly too big for me and would involve standing on chairs. Scratch.

Project: Trim Hedges in front of house
1) Post something on Facebook about needing to borrow electric hedge trimmers
2) Wait for a response
3) Pick up hedge trimmers from generous friend
4) Start hacking into the sides of the bushes
5) Throw myself into the sharp pokey sides of the bushes to start hacking at that corner of the top way over my head
6) Lean out the windows with the hedge trimmer to get to the back sides and the tops
7) Pick up clippings and stuff into several large bags.

On second thought, this has as many tasks as the previous project and even more acrobatics. Stratch.

Project: Hang blackout shades in Master and guest rooms
1) Find the measuring tape in the garage
2) Measure the widths and heights of the windows
3) Look on
4) Re-measure and WRITE DOWN measurements of the windows
5) Spend hours debating which color to get and whether or not to subtract ⅛” from the width as recommended.
6) Order shades
7) Climb up on a chair with an electric drill and make pilot holes for the mounts
8) Switch out drill bit for screw driver and do mounts
9) Spend hours figuring out how to attach shades in mounts

You guessed it. Scratch.

Five Weeks, Three Tasks

1) Keep toddler from smacking my belly
2) Keep belly filled with ice cream in between meals
3) Buy sleep mask

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  1. HAhaha... I see you're running out of energy! I can imagine, with a toddler and barely any sleep. Just try to make it through the next few weeks happy and healthy - the most important to-dos on your list.

  2. totally awesome. i'm not even preggers & most of those tasks made me want to take a nap.

    if you do get a wild hair (say, a year from now with the newest little one is older), we have electric hedgetrimmers that you can borrow.

    i can also recommend a sleepmask that is totally awesome, even if it looks like you're wearing ski goggles. sleep over beauty sometimes?

    yes, it makes me look like an alien but it blocks out ALL the light. my FIL found these gems & inducted me into the family with one at christmas one year.

  3. Sharon, I'm totally going to get myself one of those! I don't care if I look stupid. Everyone else is sleeping anyhow :-p

  4. LOVE!! Your 3 revised tasks sound just right :-) and make me want ice cream.

  5. i recommend vanilla with some cinnamon mixed in a a little dulce de leche syrup on top.



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