In A Year's Time

by - June 25, 2010

Today marks the one year anniversary of the loss of my baby in the twelfth week of pregnancy. It blows my mind how just a year ago I was overcome with such grief, and here a year later I can gaze into the face of this beautiful, healthy one week old baby boy. God's blessings abounded then, and they certainly abound today. I don't have anything particularly poignant to say other than I feel extremely thankful.

Wookie seems aware that he has a big brother to catch up to. He's gaining weight rapidly, the 0-3 month Gerber onesies are a very snug fit, he's rolled over from his belly to his side twice, and he's been finding and sucking on his fingers since the day we brought him home. The tenderness Scooby shows his baby brother warms my heart. Whenever I bring Wookie down from his nap, Schooby cheers, "Beebeeeee!Beebee Wookie!" and then spreads his green blanket on his lap and pats his lap showing me where to place him saying, "Scooby's Wookie". He then leans down in his face and says, "Hi, Beebee!" and rambles off some long string of babble part of which sounds a little like a "hallelujah". Scooby, I fully agree.

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