Aunt Ruby's German Green

by - July 02, 2010

Last summer, my tomatoes seemed to explode all at once, but this year's crop is slowly trickling in. While this isn't ideal for canning homemade pizza sauce, I'm going use it as a chance to enjoy the peculiarities of each breed and take time to document my observations for better planning in the future.

Aunt Ruby's German Green is a tomato which I wrote off last year as being a little too strange for me but was one of my brother's favorites. I harvested seeds last summer and went ahead and planted two sprouts to keep the breed going in my yard, and one other sprout popped up on its own and was allowed to grow (I didn't know what type it would be until a week ago). Ironically, it has been the most vigorous and productive breed so far this season. It is a very sweet tomato, not tart but has a rich spicy taste that is completely lost on store-bought tomatoes. I paired it with sharp cheddar for a quick snack, and so far it's my favorite with cheddar. The flavors complement each other well. Some of the more tart breeds work better with the milder mozzarella. I went ahead and harvested the seeds from this particular tomato and will definitely be planting it again!

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  1. I thought about a green variety this winter when I was picking out my seeds, but I just wasn't sure how you tell when they are ripe, I thought I would either end up eating under or over ripe tomatoes and not enjoying them. But maybe I'll be brave and try some next year!

  2. It can be hard to tell. These turn a lime green and get a little yellow-blush on the tops. I did some google research on my breeds to learn about when to pick them and what the flavor should be.

  3. we went to the East Texas farmer's market today, and a friendly farmer couple gave us a few "peach tomatoes" free with our purchases. They're small, maybe 1.5" to 2.5" diameter, with suede-feeling skins and soft flesh. They're really sweet and yummy, and light yellow in color. Had never heard of them before - have you?

    By the way, these farmers only grow and sell heirloom tomatoes, so I've been able to eat Brandywines and the like in lieu of all the heirlooms I left in NC!



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