Fall Gardening

by - July 18, 2010

Remember how last year I made a big hoopla about fall gardening? Well I missed the planting dates for most things other than broccoli and garlic, my spinach refused to sprout, and then bugs ate up all my broccoli. I am determined that this fall will be better, but first I must go ahead and clear some space!

Here are some fall planting dates for North Carolina, taken straight from this leaflet provided by NC Cooperative Extension Services. I've highlighted those I am considering planting (garlic should be included on that list). I am giving broccoli another go, but I will be applying Sevin®. Surprisingly pumpkins and winter squash were not included on this list. I believe the cutoff date was July 15, but at the risk of disease from cooler weather, you can stretch that out later.

 Vegetables    Suggested Planting1  Suggested Cultivars  
 Asparagus (crowns)  Nov. 15–Mar. 15    Mary Washington, Jersey Giant, Jersey Gem  
 Beets    July 15–Aug. 15    Ruby Queen, Early Wonder, Red Ace, Pacemaker II  
 Broccoli    July 15–Aug. 15    DeCicco, Packman, Premium Crop, Green Duke, Emperor  
 Brussels sprouts    July 1–15    Long Island Improved, Jade Cross Hybrid  
 Cabbage (plants)    Aug 1–15    Round Dutch, Early Jersey Wakefield, Red Express, Red Rookie, Sweetbase  
 Cabbage, Chinese    Aug. 1–15    Pak Choi, Mei Ching, Jade Pagoda, China Pride  
 Carrots    July 1–15    Danvers Half Long, Spartan Bonus, Little Finger, Thumbelina, Scarlet Nantes  
 Cauliflower    Aug 1–15    Early Snowball “A”, Violet Queen, Snowcrown  
 Collards    July 15–Aug. 15    Vates, Morris’ Improved Heading, Carolina, Blue Max  
 Cucumbers, pickling  Aug. 1–15    Carolina, Calypso, Liberty (mtns.), County Fair ’83  
 Cucumbers, slicing    Aug. 1–15    Poinsett 76, Sweet Slice, County Fair ’83, Salad Bush, Fanfare  
 Kale    Aug. 15–Sept. 1    Green Curled Scotch, Early Siberian, Vates, Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch, Blue Knight  
 Kohlrabi    Aug. 1–Sept. 1    White Vienna, Grand Duke Hybrid  
 Lettuce (leaf)    Aug. 1–Sept. 1    Grand Rapids, Salad Bowl, Buttercrunch, Red Sails, Romulus  
 Lettuce (head)    Aug. 15–31    Great Lakes, Ithaca  
 Mustard    Aug. 1–Sept. 15    Southern Giant Curled, Tendergreen, Savannah  
 Onions (seeds)    Sept. 1–30    Texas 1015, Granex 33, Candy  
 Onions (sets or plants)    Sept. 1–15    Ebenezer, Excell, Early Grano  
 Radishes    Aug. 15–Sept. 15    Early Scarlet Globe, Cherry Belle, Snowbells, White Icicle  
 Radish, Diakon    Aug. 15–Sept. 15    April Cross, H. N. Cross  
 Rutabagas    July 1–Aug. 1    American Purple Top, Laurentian  
 Spinach    Aug. 1–15    Hybrid 7, Dark Green Bloomsdale, Tyee Hybrid  
 Turnips    Aug. 1–31    Purple Top White Globe, Just Right, Tokyo Cross Hybrid, White Egg, All Top  

1 Dates shown are for the upper coastal plain and lower piedmont. In western North Carolina plant 7 to 10 days earlier. In eastern North Carolina plant 7 to 10 days later.

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