Red Kiss of Summer Tomato

by - July 08, 2010

Yes, I just made up a name for a tomato. In all fairness, I had no way of truly knowing what breed it is since it is a second generation plant from a 2009 Burpee's packet of Heirloom Rainbow Blend that is no longer offered. Initially I assumed it was Omar's Lebanese, but the OL seeds I purchased on ebay resulted in something completely different and disappointing. Could the vendor have sent me something other than OL? It's possible that happened or that his strain grown in Ohio doesn't have good results in Raleigh, NC. If Omar in Ohio is spot on with his breed, I could be looking at the Dutchman, which is actually pink. Pink/red... what do I know?

Anyhow, from here on out we shall refer to this tomato simply as "Red Kiss". I picked this one just a little early and allowed it to ripen in the window sill for a couple days. I sliced it open and completely forgot to take a cross-section snapshot before I started to devour it. This was the flavor I have been dreaming about through the winter and waiting impatiently on all Spring. It is a large fleshy beefsteak with low acidity, high spice and sweetness and a flavor that you wish would linger on your lips a little longer. The skin wasn't too crunchy and the fruit produced relatively few seeds. Best of all: it was amazing with sharp cheddar! I'm almost tempted to only grow this tomato. Ever.

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  1. It looks and sounds amazing. tomatoes are yum and I'm fortunate that Jude loves a good tomato.

  2. oh, i so need to try this one!



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