Ugly Tomato

by - July 21, 2010

If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make pretty tomatoes your strife. So from my personal point of view, let ugly tomatoes grow for you!

I just ate a really ugly tomato that tasted AMAZING! Based on the flavor and its inside appearance, I think this was a "Red Kiss of Summer" that came from the harvested seeds of a different tomato. Last summer I had labeled one tomato as red and one as pink but suspected they were the same variety - just from different plants. It's fascinating how different individual tomatoes of the same breed can look in size and shape, even those off the same plant.

As for the ugly appearance of this fine fellow, the location of the plant is probably at fault. He was growing at the base of the deck which doesn't get much afternoon sun as it is on east side of the house. The healed over cracking is likely caused by irregular watering early in its growth. I've saved some seeds for next summer!

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