Garden Gongs

by - February 21, 2011

A while back my friend Stacy posted about a "banging wall" that her kids had a blast playing with. The idea came from SouleMama, whose impressive wall looks like this:

My garden gongs were inspired by the "banging wall" and the awesome gong at Crazy Fire Mongolian Grill. What kid shouldn't have a gong to announce his arrival at his garden?

We had some old pvc pipe from last summer's attempt at building a support cage for the tomato plants. I drove two pipes into the ground and used connector pieces for a lateral which made a simple rectangular frame. I had old bamboo poles that I tied around the verticals to give the pipes a more naturalized feel, but I ran out of bamboo halfway around the pipes.

Earlier in the day I had swung by a thrift store and found two metal pans with holes (I'm not sure what the proper name for those types of pans are, because I am no kitchen queen), and I strung them up on the frame with twine.

Given a metal spade, the Man-child went to town on them. After hurling the metal spade just past my head, he was then given a plastic trowel to do his gonging, thus reinforcing my previous post about the advantages of kid-safe garden tools.

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