Upcycling: Hot Box to Garden Bench

by - March 08, 2011

Last week I broke the old hot box. Not being one to waste wood (the wood was already on its third use), I put the Man-child to work.

old hot box

The Man-child has a slight obsession with real tools. By real, they have batteries and absolutely may not be used around the Baby. He held the screws as I disassembled the hot box, sat on the boards when I needed some assistance in holding them in place, helped finish off some screws for me once I got them started, and took a few screws out once the bench was finished.

the Man-child using the drill

Initially I thought of doubling up the seat portion of the bench, but having a back to it seemed like a better use of the board. The legs were wobbly, so I used some shorter pieces to created triangle supports. The bench looks a little goofy and tall, but I'm 5'9" and I'd prefer not to have to squat to sit.

testing out the bench

It's a mama's job to make a plain-jane bench a garden respite. I used the old trellises that once had Carolina Jessamine and Tangerine vine and created a back drop for future vining plants that will shade the seat.

mama makes the bench pretty

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