Bok Bok

by - April 25, 2011

We visited family in Virginia over the weekend. My brother has a coop with six chickens. He and my sister-in-law hatched two of them and purchased four others. They are giving some away to friends. The weekend the first two hatched, our family, which is spread across several states, all eagerly awaited pictures and videos on Facebook with as much excitement as if we were getting some new nieces.

The Man-child enjoyed tossing seed into the coop and watching my brother "fly" them and hypnotize them. As we were pulling back into town, he looks at me very seriously and says, "I think we need chickens in our yard." He seemed to have thought on that the whole three hour drive home. Sadly, our HOA doesn't allow anything other than indoor house pets. We could possibly pass around a petition to get the rule changed, but I'm thinking that wouldn't fly on our street.

All the way home, the Man and I were romancing the idea of country living. We love being in the city, but there's great appeal to owning a tract of land and tractor and being able to do what you want with it. It's a long while before we would consider moving, so maybe it's just time to start convincing the neighbors.

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  1. Maybe they would let you have some chickens if you bribe them with free eggs!

  2. Tons of people in Tyler have chickens, even in small yards, though the city ordinances state "no more than 6 birds, housed in a coop or pen, at least 50 ft from all property lines." If things work out to find a house with a big back yard, we're sure as heck getting some hens and enjoying fresh eggs every day!



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