Discovery: New Love

by - April 08, 2011

Once upon a time, there was a girl that loved Fall. She loved everything about it - the curling of colorful leaves, the nervousness that came with the return of school, the backpacking and car camping trips, and the food... oh, the food on these camping trips! Doughboys, cobbler, pancakes on the griddle!

One lovely April day, that girl, a good bit older, spent sunrise to sunset in her back yard playing with her own kids and knew that she had found a new love - Spring. Spring meant little boys in the wading pool, sunshade hats, picnic blankets covered in Cheerios, soft winter rye under the toes, and peaceful evenings by the fire with good friends. Happy Spring, all!

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  1. Ohhh so sad we missed the fire! We had a great time though. Thanks for hosting!!

  2. Love it! Summer used to be my season, but now it's definitely spring, with fall as a close second. I say we do the pool/fire thing in your backyard at least once a week, yes?



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