Lake Benson Park

by - April 14, 2011

Yesterday morning we took a short trip out to Garner's Lake Benson Park for a little lunch and playtime. I'm willing to drive a good twenty minutes to get to a park if it is really great. For a park to make my list of greats, it has to have several features:

1. A nature trail. This doesn't have to be a formal nature trail, just a path through some trees with a water feature here and there.

Bike pumps make great walking sticks, thud phhhh... thud phhhh

2. Shaded play area. Several of my favorite parks are my favorites simply because they either have a section of the playground that has shade canopies or are wooded enough that there is shade.

Climbing lessons

3. Trees and wildlife. We love birds and squirrels, and if you throw in a hawk swooping over our heads on a shady nature hike, you've captured our hearts.

Squirrels like french fries too.

4. Unique features. We love it when a playground has innovative equipment for the boys to play on. Whether this is an exploration of sound or motion, it's a step up from the typical swings and slide combination, although we always love the classics.

Who knew spiders made webs for boys?

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  1. We love Lake Benson too! The lake is beautiful. Next time, go across the street to White Deer Park (I know I told you about it before but not sure if you went) is great! It has two different play areas: one natural one and one space age one.

  2. Oh yes, we love White Deer too, especially the long slide! This was the first time I took them to Lake Benson. Sometimes I wish I lived in Garner.

  3. I want to go to that park! Never been and it looks awesome! Can we go next week? Nolie has vacation. I grew up on those spiderweb contraptions! Never seen them here, so cool!

  4. Andy and I first started really getting to know each other during walks around Lake Benson Park so it holds a special place in my heart.



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