Breaking Ground on a Community Garden

by - May 03, 2011

As I jumped into Love Sown a couple months ago, my interest in merely reporting on our family's garden quickly expanded to wanting to share project ideas, inspire people to get a little dirty and encourage even the brownest thumbs to try their hands at growing food. Then, this opportunity to start a community garden at a school in our neighborhood came along. In my mind, this is exactly what urban farming should be about - sharing knowledge and resources and reconnecting communities with the land and fresh produce.

A small group of volunteers from our church broke ground yesterday afternoon. We still have more work to do before the veggies and seeds donated by Logan's and their Plant a Row for the Hungry program can be planted. The Man tilled and the rest of us cleared out the rocks, hoed rows, spread compost and took turns entertaining the Man-child and the Baby.

The school has planted gardens on the property in the past, so this isn't anything new to them, but I have never done a project like this before. The students won't have time to get involved much before summer break, but we are hoping the surrounding neighborhood will jump in and make it their own. I'm looking forward to seeing this develop!

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  1. Lookin good! This is going to be so awesome!

  2. I use to belong to a community garden it was fun. Everybody had their own raised beds and it was remarkable how everyone grew cutting gardens to vegetable gardens in their little plot of dirt. Good Luck.It's great for kids to see how much fun gardening is.

  3. We may add some raised beds too for people to rent. I can't wait to see it all come together!



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