Feeders, Houses, and Lily-philes

by - May 22, 2011

Earlier this week, both boys were sick and I got very stir crazy - half of it was waiting to see if I came down with what either of them had. A girl can only spend so much time in and around her own house while tending to too very whiney children without taking a gander to Amazon. After interrupting a humming bird at my red Asiatic Lilies, I figured now was the perfect time to hang a feeder. The two previous summers, there have been no visitors to my old feeder on the deck, and due to rusting and general nastiness, that feeder found its was to the trash. It was time to buy a new one. After reading reviews, I settled purchased this one. Low and behold, the female Ruby-throated Hummingbird came back for a visit while I was walking up the hill with my camera!

Might I add that the free shipping through Amazon Mom has been very dangerous for me! I've restrained myself fairly well, limiting it to diapers, a book for the Spring Fling Giveaway, gloves for the community garden and the new feeder. Free shipping is enticing, but not everything is cheapest on Amazon. I used it to research blue bird houses and then find a nearly identical knock-off at K-mart for less than half the price. Blue birds, I'm waiting for you.

If you were following my garden on Pocket Smiles last summer, you saw how my plant woes morphed into an interest in photographing insects. They were, after all, thriving while my garden was not. This small bee was drinking water off the same lilies that the hummingbird had taken an interest in. I'm pretty sure I took a picture of him washing his face in that second shot.

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