Teacher Gifts from the Garden

by - May 27, 2011

Last year was the Man-child's first year at Mom's Morning Out, and I completely failed to do something for his teachers. This year, though it was a different set of teachers, I was determined to make up for last years' negligence. Afterall, these ladies love my boy well! The only problem is he has nearly six to eight teachers between the two days he goes, the teacher that comes just for story time and the awesome director that comes in to play with the kids just because she likes to. At Christmas I took in tasty treats for the class and brought in small pieces of homemade pottery that I had in storage from my last sale, which didn't cost me anything out of pocket.

Today I went to Logan's and found super cute 4" jewel-tone glazed pots with attached water dishes for only $2.69 a piece. Earlier this spring I started a succulent garden at my door step, so instead of purchasing plants, I dug up a variety of succulents and transplanted a starter Jade so they had a variety to choose from. I managed to find a handfull of plant markers that the Baby had pulled out of the garden and the sun had faded, which saved the delimma of not having cards.

If my hobbies pay off, even if they are just used for gifts, then I'm not going to feel guilty about the time and money they take to get started and keep going. As soon as I'm able get back into pottery, I want to dabble in small planters and sell them with succulents and herbs propagated from my garden.

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  1. yay! well, I'd just like to say here that I love what you did with these teacher gifts, and that I look forward to photos of your own thrown pottery holding your garden's offspring! wish I lived in NC still so I could own a piece of your work and forever think of you when I saw it. But you photos are awesome, so I know they'll give me joy from afar!

  2. I like your idea about teachers gift and your Garden Planters.
    Succulents are wonderful little plants, but I've always thought that you could only have a succulent garden if you lived in an area that was fairly hot and dry. As an East Coaster, I didn't know that I could plant my own container garden here! Now, I don't have much of a green thumb.



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