Blue Potatoes

by - June 08, 2011

Never one to be accused of being patient, I just had to find out what the blue potatoes were doing under the soil. Selecting the weakest looking plant, I sent my trowel down into the soil and loosened the plant roots, careful not to scar the potatoes. I then grabbed the plant with my fist and pulled upward which unearthed several dark colored globes. I then dug around the hole searching out the ones left behind.

The color is an astounding purple just under the outermost skin which is a blackish-violet color. I found these "Adirondak Blue" potatoes on a bottom shelf at Lowes, where there were only a couple bags of slightly soft blue seed potatoes remaining. I wasn't sure if I was too late in planting them, but it looks like I was right on time!

Have you ever eaten blue potatoes? Is there a flavor or texture difference? I'd love to hear your favorite way to prepare them.

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  1. we just mix them with other fingerling potatoes of various colors, like pink and yellow, and wash and coarsely cube them (about 1-1.5" big cubes), add several whole garlic cloves, toss in olive oil, and salt and season generously (I use the dried herb mix avail. at the NC farmer's market). put in a 400 degree oven and stir every 10 min until thoroughly cooked through and slightly shriveled. garlic is sweet and awesome! grandma's recipe.

  2. Oh man. That sounds glorious! I just pulled up a bunch of garlic too. Mmmm.

  3. I've never had blue potatoes but had purple peruvian (bigger fingerling), purple sweet potato, and purple yam (Philippines). You piqued my interest!

    Beautiful potatoes, Paige!

  4. Annapet, thanks! I've keep hearing about fingerling potatoes but have never tried them. I just mixed the blue potatoes in with some Yukon Golds and spring onions for a goat cheese potato au gratin dish. I can't wait for dinner!

  5. Paige, My daughter is growing these this year. Have you cooked them yet? What did you think??

  6. They were delicious and so much smoother and creamier than the Yukon Golds. I like the taste better too. I think I've found my new favorite potato!



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