A Little Pickin'

by - June 30, 2011

This morning's walk through the garden gave me a couple handfuls of produce. It's always awkward when there is just one okra pod to pick. Seriously, what do I do with one pod? The okra have been slow getting starting, but a time will come soon where I have a nice pile to chop, batter and freeze for frying later. I am still eating down last years harvest!

The potato plants were all yellowed and the new leaves were yellowing right away, so I went ahead and pulled them out. This last batch had slightly larger potatoes than the last. I haven't checked to see if the sweet potatoes in the front yard are doing anything, but the neighborhood deer laid into them pretty heavily so I'm giving them time to recover.

Delicious carrots! I don't even peel them before I eat them.

Last of the potatoes

Morning harvest: 2 cucumbers, 2 eggplants, 1 squash, 1 zucchini, 1 okra

Oh please hurry and ripen so I can pick you!

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  1. The potatoes look beautiful. I picked "the one" okra pod yesterday. I put it in a little freezer bag and into the freezer, to be joined by the other onlies and duos until a decent amount can be picked at one time.


  2. AWESOME harvest! I do the same thing with lone okras - freeze them in a bag where I can easily add more of the singletons until I have enough. That, or I've been known to throw a single sliced raw okra into a salad with other things...but that doesn't always get rave reviews from my audience:)

  3. Looks great Paige!! I love blue potatoes. So yummy and fun.

  4. I've never tried raw okra.. I think I'd probably object to it in my salad too.



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