by - June 25, 2011

While I don't use any purple in the house to decorate (which I might just have to change), it seems I have a weakness for purple in the garden. This evening while the boys were in the kiddie pool, I took some snapshots of the growing eggplants, okra and butterfly garden.

Here's a shot of the majority of the veggie garden.

There is a low spot in the garden where water stands, so the plan is to convert it into a small brick patio. Right now, all the garden paths are linear with the beds boxed off. The current layout has a lot of wasted space. At the end of the season, the rigid structure will be taken out and replaced with a winding path ... at least that's the current plan. I'm not sure if my trained engineer's mind will be able to handle that much chaos, but the inner artist is craving a spiral or curve.

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  1. wow. your garden has come such a long way! you should be very proud of your work!

  2. My sister painted her living room a color called "eggplant." It was actually gorgeous.
    Your photos are fantastic. What kind of camera do you use?



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