Writing Spider

by - June 29, 2011

After a long dry spell in Raleigh, we have finally had several days of good rain. I'm nervous that the tomatoes will start splitting open, but hopefully I kept them well watered before the rains. Many of the tomato varieties have started to set fruit. The "Red Kiss" set fruit fairly early, and now I'm waiting on four luscious tomatoes to ripen. The heat seems to have slowed down fruit setting, but with rain they should get back to producing again.

This morning on our garden walk, I found a writing spider on the yellow tomato bush. She must have known that the yellow bush would be safe since there are absolutely no tomatoes on it yet. I had one in my garden two summers ago that I tried to chase away, but I've decided this one will stay and be a friend.

The bush is back behind a patch of peppers and onions, so I picked up the Man-child and placed him right in front of her. He bent down really close to try and have a conversation with her, "What are you doing spider? Can she hear me?" He was disappointed that she didn't talk back. We've decided to call her Itsy Bitsy.

I recently purchased a small $3 rain gage, and here is the reason I must check the gage before the Baby takes his morning walk:

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