Beauty Confessions of an Avid Gardener

by - July 18, 2011

This is a different direction than I normally take on this blog, however, I am a woman (hopefully there was no surprise there) and I do care about my appearance. I take a little pride in being comfortable in dirt, and I like the way some of my male friends not yet fully acquainted with my type seem taken aback by my confidence in my casual approach to dress, talk, and sometimes parenting.

For instance we had guests over for dinner on the back deck the other night. The baby found himself covered in peanut butter, a USS (unidentified smeared substance), and a shirt that clearly was due for a washing - this was before dinner. Instead of taking him upstairs to clean off, I hosed him off out back. I'm convinced the garden hose covers a multitude of sins. Just ask the plants that the Man-child peed on.

So without further ado and much banter that you probably already feel has crossed the line, here is my list of beauty confessions.

1) I wash my face with water and nothing else unless it is clearly in need of some liquid dial assistance. No exfoliate, no toner, just a washcloth or my fingertips.

2) I rarely moisturize my face. Remember how I said no cleanser? No oils are stripped, but when I do need to moisturize, I use leftover stretch-mark cream from my last pregnancy or whatever baby lotion I have on hand. Sometimes in the winter I use a little Vaseline. Yes, Vaseline. Did you know that the dude who invented the stuff regularly ate it because he was convinced of its healing powers? (source - THE Internet)

3) I wear Chacos year round, without socks, except for the several months around the holidays when it's so cold my toes turn purple. Then I wear some version of sneakers.

4) I feel the most beautiful, sexiest (if you will, will you?) when I am wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Sure the Man and the Man-child prefer me in a dress or skirt, and I am happy to oblige them about once a week.

5) I bathe at least once a day but usually twice in the summer. I may not mind being dirty, but unless I am actually working in the garden, I don't want to be dirty or sweaty. I like to smell good. I really do. I really like using the baby wash because I think it smells delightful and it is gentle.

6) I have brushed my hair probably three times this summer and have not had a haircut since August 2, 2010 if I don't count the DIY trim I gave the bottom layer several months ago. My hair is naturally wavy and I like to have it off my neck, so it is usually in a loose, tousled bun. Because I don't dry it often in warmer weather, I don't have too much heat damage.

7) I typically must have mascara on if I am leaving the house or plan on being seen by eyes other than the three men/boys I live with. I keep one in the car, one in my travel bag and one in my purse and they are all way past expiration. I find mascara forgives about 3 hours of sleep shortage a night. Tinted moisturizer forgives about four years of that sleep shortage. I keep it in the car console.

So there you have my beauty confessions. Please forgive me, I already have.

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  1. Awesome-ness... if that's a word!

  2. Sounds like you are a very "natural" person and extremely comfortable being who you are, not who society tells you that you should be. More power to ya'!

  3. I'll count awesome-ness as a word.

    I'm not really a "natural" person and I'm so not extremely comfortable. I'm actually quite insecure about my looks at times. I just don't like spending money on fancy products and spending time going through all the work every single day to create a look people expect to see on me. I don't want the days I go more natural to make people think, "Oh wow. What happened to her?!"

  4. You probably know these things about me, since we were suitemates, but I'll list a few response facts about myself:
    1) I wash my face in the mornings only, with St. Ives scrub
    2) I moisturize my face (and body while pregnant) with whatever free lotions Jason's dad gives me from his pharmaceutical company.
    3) I do not have my hair, nails, or anything else professionally done. I cut my hair and my family's hair.
    4) I usually wear a cheap knock-off powdered mineral foundation on my eyes and any odd spots that pop up, a swipe of brown powder over my lids, and mascara. this makeup makes me feel pampered before my crazy day starts in a packed-up apartment with an industrious 2.5 yr old, two giant dogs, and an 8 months pregnant belly. The end.

    Oh, and you're gorgeous. If only we could all look like you with so little effort!!

  5. I love your haircuts! You seriously have skills. I used to cut my own, but started getting it done sometime around the end of college. I'm actually going to get it cut Monday! It's about time ;)



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