Gardener Questionnaire

by - July 13, 2011

I thought it would be fun to create a little questionnaire for those of us in the world of garden blogging - a chance to brag and confess and get a more proper introduction to each other. If you participate, link your post back to me post your link in the comments section and I'll be sure to RT these on Twitter as they come in!

What color is your thumb?
My thumb is transitioning from brown to green and more on the green side.

Where is your garden located?
There is a veggie garden on the south side of the house, several mixed beds on the west side, a row of asparagus in the back yard, and a community garden at an elementary school several blocks away.

Favorite tool?
Hand trowel.

When did your passion for gardening begin?
It probably began in my childhood as I watched dad tend to plants around the house and eventually the vegetable garden when we moved to the country. I didn't start gardening until I was married and bought a house.

What feature in your garden are you most excited to share with visitors?
Currently the most exciting feature is the upcycled sink to water bowl, but I am using a ladder for pole beans since I ran out of trellises, and the boys are pretty giddy over that.

What is one thing you just can't seem to grow?

Have you ever taken a shortcut that backfired? If so, what?

I skipped mulching last year and eventually gave up on weeding my corn and okra. I could not get enough water to them. I'd water in the morning and the okra would wilt by midday.

What is on your plate?
Cucumber sandwiches and tomato and cheddar sandwiches.


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