Melondome Rhymes with Palindrome

by - July 26, 2011

Yesterday I was looking at the cantaloup vines thinking how crazy it was to be wasting nearly 20 sqft of garden space on three piddly cantaloups. I watched a neawly discovered YouTube channel:, and John packs in huge amounts of veggie plants on his 1/10th acre lot by growing vertically. After a conversation with some Twitter pals, I decided to tidy UP my canteloup vines and create the "melondome!"

I found several pieces of used steel remesh behind the neighbor's log pile, so I "borrowed" them to made a dome. Four 10' segments criss-crossed was all it took. The Baby thought it was a fantastic addition to the garden! After several more minutes of weaving the vines around the remesh, weeding and raking, the area tidied up nicely, and there is room to plant some more crops of my choosing.

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  1. Awesome idea. I feel like a really small football game needs to take place under those vines :)



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