Onion Harvest

by - July 11, 2011

Yesterday I noticed that some of the onion stalks were falling over and many were turning soft, so I harvested them. I left the firm ones in the garden to give them a little more time to grow. I always expect gargantuan onions but get little tiny ones. This year I fertilized them better, and the bulbs look more defined than they have in previous harvests. I'm not sure how to get larger growth, so if you have any tips, send them y way!

After braiding the garlic, it only made sense to braid the onions too since I was clearly a pro at braiding, and there's no way my family will eat these all anytime soon. Do they taste good? So glad you asked! The Man prefers the flavor of the home grown onions to store bought ones, especially when it comes to a chili and onion hot dog. They are fairly strong, and for a man who never cries, he sure was tearing up while dicing them!

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