Stopping by the Community Garden

by - July 15, 2011

I had to share these two sweeties with you! We went by the community garden at the elementary school this morning, and the boys had fun running down the sidewalks and through the garden rows. The weeds are out of control and the okra stalky and inedible, which is the prime reason a "Community Garden" needs more than one person tending to it. Lesson learned. I met the school's landscaper who suggested I lay out newspapers on the paths next year to keep out the weeds.There wasn't much ready to pick today. I went by earlier in the week and gave a bag full of squash and peppers to a neighbor watching me from across the street. As time goes by, I think it would be excellent if the food picked never made it to the Food Shuttle but instead went to the neighborhood that needs it just as much... and it would be even cooler if the neighborhood took part in the growing!

Happy weekend friends!

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  1. Good for you pointing out that a community garden needs more than one person to tend to it! Yes, gardening is a lot of fun and surely cuts down the food bill, but help is always appreciated too :-)

  2. Most definitely. I had a friend take her kids out and another adult to put in a little work. It warmed my heart.

  3. newspapers are great below mulch everywhere! Btw: CUTE photo of your boys. :-)

  4. Thanks! I like the mulch on top of newspapers idea. I'm afraid just papers wouldn't look too great.



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