Upcycled Sink to Garden Water Bowl

by - July 03, 2011

Every time go to garden stores, I can't help but stop by the water plants and wish I had a place to plant some. Water features are almost always my favorite spots in gardens, and for awhile now the Man and I have been thinking about putting in a fountain. Well, we still haven't installed a fountain, but we do have a water bowl!

Thanks to a trip to the Habitat ReUse Store, we acquired a free sink, sans plug. Like any red-blooded American male would do, the Man found a bunch of plastic to light on fire to clog up the drain with. First we tried a small lid (didn't stick), then he wrapped a golf ball in many layers of plastic bags, stuffed it into the drain, poured in some gasoline and lit it on fire. He then topped it off with the fish food lid and more fire. It passed the leak test, so we spray painted it black, put on a slab of clay from my pottery supplies and topped it with some stones we gathered on our honeymoon to Orcas Island.

After pulling some rocks from the back yard and moving some plants from other locations in the garden, this water hole almost looks blended in to the landscape. I'm not totally sold on the black spray paint, but the paint isn't great quality and will peel off fairly easily. Logan's had water plants on sale, and I scored a water hyacinth for just over $4.

I love the little green plants that hitched a ride with my water hyacinth. I even put some in the bird bath.

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  1. I love it! I think it looks great. And I am totally digging the black paint.

  2. That looks so nice! You could put some mosquito fish (gambusia sp?) in there to control mosquito larvae. Here the health dept (vector control) gives mosquito fish free to anyone that wants to come get them. They're small, related to guppies, and don't need a pump or anything.

  3. Ooh! I'd love to add some fish. I hope the bowl doesn't heat up too much for them.

  4. What a fun project making a nice water feature to your garden <|;-)



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