Upcyled Tomato Stakes to Fan Trellis

by - July 22, 2011

Earlier in the summer I purchased several packs of 5' wood tomato stakes from a home improvement store. There were four stakes leftover, which were set aside in the garage. I have a bean/squash/cucumber tunnel that is rapidly outgrowing itself, so I decided to convert the stakes into a fan trellis. This took no more than 10 minutes. I used a handsaw to cut one stake into 3 segments approximately 2.5', 1.5' and 0.5' in length. I then arranged my fan on the garage floor spacing the segments to leave several inches free at the bottom and nailed them down. With a hammer, I drove the fan into the garden bed next to the tunnel so that the vines have more room to grow. Only $2 in stakes are now a fan trellis that would cost me upwards of $7-$10 to purchase in the store. The quality isn't quite the same as the heartwood trellises, but it functions!

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