Upcyled Tomato Stakes to Folding Shade Trellis

by - July 28, 2011

I'm a roll creating vertical growing space in the garden. Here we have 12 55" tomato stakes converted into a folding shade trellis. The stakes from Logan's were inexpensive, and I already had wood screws on hand. The two end verticals are spaced 45" apart. The laterals are spaced 10" apart. The concept is that vining plants will grow up the ladder side, which faces south, providing shade for lettuces that like cooler temperatures. I'm hoping this will give me a head start on my greens. I used just one wood screw at the joint between the verticals and support legs to allow rotation of the support legs so I can change the angle if needed and to make easier storage. It is fairly sturdy, but I'll have to teach the Baby not to climb on it.

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