Garden Walkin' & A Little Talkin'

by - August 25, 2011

Several days before we left for the beach some of the spinach and chard had begun to sprout; however, upon our return there was no activity. It seems that either the heat or the bunnies got to them. I replanted indoors two days ago, and there is already germination, so I think I'll be working from transplants soon. I also reseeded outdoors and covered them with straw. Somewhere I read that straw van deter rabbits. The garden paths are totally covered in pulled weeds and plants, and there are a lot of bare batches in the beds, but I did manage to capture a few pretty shots over the past two mornings.

Melons Hanging from the Melondome

Purple Hyacinth Bean Blossom

Purple Basil Blossoms

Muscadine Vine

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  1. You seem to have that optimism that the best gardeners have. If I had returned from the beach to find my seedlings gone, I would have been destroyed! Instead, you plantex more seeds. Love the photos!


  2. Thanks! I do try to stay optimistic. Sometimes I am just really stubborn and is comes across as optimism ;)



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