Meet Jolly. Jolly, meet Everyone.

by - August 10, 2011

We haven't seen any traces of Itsy Bitsy in weeks. However, as I was scouring the "Italian Trombetta" squash vines for pests, I was greeted by this green spider, whom I've named Jolly. I don't know if he has a web or not. I've only seen him hanging out on the same cluster of leaves for several days now. He is a Green Lynx Spider and is doing a little pest control of his own. The first time I saw him, he was next to a dead squash bug, whose lifeless carcass was being cleaned by ants. I'm not sure who was responsible as I was not a witness to the assault, but he looked quite pleased with himself.

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  1. Isn't he? He is still out there in the same spot this morning!

  2. I have enjoyed looking through your blog. It is a different place with children in the garden. We have had our share of "pet" spiders in the garden too. They are so much fun to look for each day as they are so silent with their own secret lives.



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