Sights and Sounds of the Morning

by - September 01, 2011

For several hours each morning, it feels like fall. Today while the Man-child was sleeping, the Baby and I stepped outside in the cool air and took a brief walk around the garden, where I plucked several green beans and red okra and felt dew under my feet. He old bamboo sticks that once stood next to pepper plants. The birdhouse gourds and cucumbers in the tunnel are continuing to set fruit and the Melondome shows promise of late season cantaloup. A late season planting on green beans is sprouting. Forever the garden optimist, I planted some several days back just in case the first frost of the season comes late.

Several weeks back, I pulled out the spent dill and planted Renee's Mesclun Mix in the large pot in the herb garden. Mom's daylilies from TN are overtaking the pot and may be transplanted to a sunnier location, but for now they prove a little shade for tender sprouts. There isn't enough Mesclun yet for a salad, but it is looking yummy! I think I will have to devote a larger space in one of the other beds for more of it.

The Baby loves hearing the birds in the morning. They are quite chatty and he excitedly grunts and points when he hears them.

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  1. We're still dealing with 100 degrees here in the days, and it's been very dry the past two weeks, so I haven't planted the fall garden yet. But they say next Tuesday the high will only be 82, so the end is in sight! Your last picture (the bird in the tree silhouette) is beautiful.

  2. I laid out straw and my lettuce finally took. I think it just needed a little shade.



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