Sunday Clay Day!

by - September 25, 2011

Those of you who follow Love Sown for my gardening posts may not know that I have another hobby. I started ceramics while I was in graduate school, and have thrown off and on as time allowed. This last hiatus was longer than expected, but I suppose nothing goes as expected when you throw babies into the mix. I have a pottery studio in our home garage, and as the weather cools and the garden slows down, pottery season is once again beginning! What a blessed life I have to be able to do these hobbies!

Today, Scooby and I played with clay. He had his own work table that he got good an sloppy while I through bowls on the wheel.

Scooby trying out various tools

I am calling this the "Floodlight" bowl because of its shape.

Sneak peak of a glaze firing.

Friends, be prepared for more posts like these in the coming weeks. I'm applying to a couple shows this winter and spring, and I am so excited to be back at the wheel. Family, I'm crossing my fingers that there will be Christmas gifts for you this year!

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  1. I like posts like this. I wish I had pottery skills.. for that matter I wish I had gardening skills.

  2. I like the cobalt blue - I'm seeing that color all over the place these days.

    Let me know when/where you find a class and I'd love to take it with you.

  3. Oh!! I am a little jealous!! :-) I loved pottery once-upon-a-time. It will be fun to watch your posts.



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