Farmer's Market in the Fall

by - October 14, 2011

The Farmer's Market is at its pinnacle of glory in the weeks leading up to Halloween. I took the boys and camera to get our annual pumpkin pictures and to pick up some fig trees and blueberry bushes. It was a forgetful afternoon. Not only did I forget the memory card for the camera, but I also forgot the names of the figs and blueberries I purchased. I know I didn't get Turkey figs - I opted for the sweeter, less known kind. I selected two different varieties of blueberries, since that is what is required for pollination. The fig trees were 2/$5. The bushes were $12/piece, which I thought wasn't too bad considering the bare root bushes from Lowes that came up diseased were $5. I ended up having Joe mow them over because they were so depressing to me. The one that was doing well got thrown into the compost by accident. Whoops. I'm nearly as destructive to my plants as the family of deer that we chased down the other day!

The Man-child took that first picture, and he has been very enthusiastic about photography lately. I think I know what he will be getting for Christmas this year!

UPDATE: I just returned to the Farmers Market to get the names of the plants: 'Brightwell' and 'Tifblue' Rabbiteye Blueberries and Kadota Figs.

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