by - October 25, 2011

It took me three years to start an asparagus bed, one year of putting up with the Man grumbling about the location of the asparagus bed, and two hours to dig it all up and move it to a new location. Oh my, my arms hurt today! Instead of having a single row of asparagus up the property line, I now have a rectangular bed just outside the fenced vegetable garden when my two raspberry bare root plants gave up the good fight.

I planted the two fig trees from the farmer's market along the line where the asparagus used to be. Figs are becoming quite popular in our spot in the 'hood. All three adjacent neighbors have planted fig trees in the past year. The only time I've ever eaten figs were in the form of Fig Newtons back when I was a child.

The garden is like an ongoing piece of artwork, if something doesn't fit the canvas, I paint over it and try again. The garden itself has been relocated no less than three times. We have a small patch of lettuce that is full of sprouts of Romain, Black seeded Simpson, Red speckled lettuce, peas, and baby Arugula. I pulled out these sprouts after rearranging all the plants into a nice grid fashion. My friend, K, came and picked up the other two flats, and I planted the remaining one in a pot which I believe has gladiolus bulbs in it.

Before planting them though, I had to pull out this massive weed!

Roots of a weed I pulled from a pot

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  1. Gardening can be a great workout - I've had my fair share of those days this year.

    Jealous of your asparagus bed - we love asparagus so much, but I always end up planting something else instead I guess I need to get over wanting instant gratification. I suppose growing asparagus would give me greater patience!

  2. Lisa, you should go for it. If you purchase two-year roots, then you should only have to wait one season before you can harvest. I did cheat and sample a couple spears that first year.

  3. Love fig trees too and have it on my "to do" list to find a good fig crisp recipe. It seems they really are growing in popularity as a home grown plant.



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