Weekend Garden & Pottery Recap

by - October 03, 2011

Spurred on by the change in temperature, Joe and I spent a good two hours ripping out tired squash and bean vines and all the wire remesh used for the tunnel and dome. Although the okra was still happily producing, I pulled it out too so that I could begin tilling up the plots to let them rest for the fall. The lettuces that were scattered in various beds have been consolidated to a couple central locations, although I doubt we will eat a salad anytime soon as something keeps munching holes in the leaves. I have mixed emotions seeing the newly emptied beds. The garden looks sleepy, which only compounds my current sullen mood. Hopefully next weekend we can finally finish the fence and do a good mulching.

Fortunately, the time at the wheel has been more productive. Throwing pottery is a bit like riding a bike. I've found my arms and hands again, and I'm daring to try larger pieces. I ran out of the clay I purchased in Durham, and I've moved on to a leftover bag of Orange Stone. This gritty clay body is surprisingly forgiving, and I've been able to get more height out of it than the last clay I was using. The most challenging aspect of throwing in the garage is keeping steady hands while also fending off Wookie who likes to run around with a wooden yard stick and steal my tools. We must sound like quite a circus in our garage with all the crazy noises coming from the boys and from myself when one of them ventures too close to the wheel. "N-n-n-n-a! WATCH IT! Maaaaf..."

For years now, Scooby has been trying to get his hands on my camera, so Saturday I decided to show him how to properly handle it and keep his fingers off the lens. He snapped this one of my while I was working.

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  1. Ok, so cool to see your pottery and another aspect of your creativity! I also think Daniel is quite the photographer. A great picture to cherish, mama through a child's eyes! Love the mental image of keeping kids out of the way while hassling with clay

  2. Thanks, Mel. Daniel had so much fun with the camera! These boys are so crazy, but they have their moments :)



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