Crunch Time!

by - November 01, 2011

There are basically 10 working days left before my BIG SHOW at the Handmade Market. I've got the kiln loaded with another round of plates and bowls waiting to be bisque fired, free business cards have been ordered (I hope 100 will hold me for the day), and I've set up a Square account so that I'm able to take credit card payments if needed. I don't have a banner or sign for the table, but I have to limit the amount of money I sink into this. At this point in the game, it is probably too late to think of throwing another entire batch to fill the kiln, but I might as well keep going because I'm applying for a show in December and Christmas is just around the corner.

November 1. That date just sounds a bit incredible. We are now fully sunken in to the fall season, and after two nights of frost and rain, my brain is convinced that it is winter. The heat is on in the house, I now have five layers on my bed, and bathwater steams even when it is only warm. I was pouring water over the Baby's head the other night, and he was steaming like a big mug of hot chocolate.

While I'd love to stay and type a bit longer, last night's treats are being strewn about the floor and my Wookie and Scooby Man are up to mischief. With that much candy in the pumpkin bucket, it's bound to be a LOT of mischief. But no need to miss me. I am going to be trying to write once a day for the month of November with this fine lady. Happy Tuesday!

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