Dating my boys

by - November 04, 2011

This morning after dropping Scooby off at preschool, Wookie and I drove out to Cary for routine blood work. It's been over a year since I have vitamin levels and such tested. Wookie was so sweet and just sat quietly on my lap the entire time. Since I'd fasted at least 12 hours, I took us across the street to Whole Foods for breakfast. Once Wookie saw that we were getting food, he kept pointing at the plate and going, "Mmmm! Mmmm!" and then completely flipped when I handed the plate to the girl at the register.

This boy LOVES to eat. We sat at a booth taking turns with the scrambled eggs and breakfast potatoes, and after a bit, Wookie starting playing with the plastic lid. He tried to put it back on the plate, then wore it as a hat before discovering it was really funny to look through with his nose smooshed against it. He finished off my coffee before we headed home for his morning nap.

I think we both treasure the one on one time where he gets to discover new things (especially new foods!) and I explain what they are and praise him for getting the food from the plate to his mouth with a fork. He loves trying to make me smile and laugh and totally lights up when we press our foreheads together. I suppose that's our version of an Eskimo kiss.

Dating my boys is important to me. They learn social interaction, how to behave when we are out, how to treat a lady, and most importantly that they are worth individual pursuit. Giving them personal attention and doing things that are special just with them makes me a little giddy and fall in love with them more deeply. I used to love taking Scooby to the mall at this age and carrying him in my arms as we pointed out the letters in the big signs above the doorways. We'd have our own secret conversations and share inside jokes.

Seeing how they respond to our "dates" reminds me of how important it is for me to spend time with my Daddy, you know, the Big Squeeze in the Sky. Sure group family time together at church is great, but sometimes I feel very distant and forget that He not only loves the Church but adores each of us individually and pursues me. He wants to whisper in my ear as we go through life together and we share secret smiles and conversation. While I may look like a grown up, I still have the heart of a child that longs to be loved!

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