Shoes. Gar gar gar!

by - November 16, 2011

I can't roll my Rs due to being tongue tied, so when I want to make that sound I have to gurgle which ends up sounding like like Garrrrrrr. Really awesome, no?

So part of the gig of being wife/mom/professor/extreme hobbiest is that I can get easily overwhelmed. I've been having recurring dreams that I have returned to high school and can't figure out what classes I am supposed to be taking. Not only that, but I'm two months into the semester and haven't done any work. The dreams are beginning to evolve where I am aware I already have my PhD and have nothing left to prove to the school. Funny how when I was a kid those dreams just involved having forgotten to wear pants.

Sooooo. Stress relief. Yes. See the following which were acquire on DEEP clearance from DSW. Can I get a "Gar!"?

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