Kiln Opening

by - November 07, 2011

In this weekend's glaze firing, the colors came out more subtle with some browns, royal blues and indigo. After the glaze ran all over the kiln last week, I was much more conservative in the glaze application. Chun red appears gray on the brown body clays rather than white. I'm not sure if the Indigo Float was applied too thinly or if the kiln didn't fire hot enough to fully float the blue, but the color didn't pop like it did in previous firings.

I made one mug, but the Baby just smashed it, so there will be no mug on display. This is the one aspect of trying to keep up this hobby with babies around. There is nothing sacred to them - absolutely NOTHING, and when you spend an hour on a piece trying to get it right only to have it smashed, it's frustrating.

Whenever I'm disappointing in a firing, I have to remember that someone else may just love the results.

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  1. Well, I think they are beautiful! And no one has to know they aren't exactly as you planned. I am especially loving that red/white combo!

  2. that light blue dish on the right, I love it. LOVE IT.



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