Pottery Mid-process

by - November 02, 2011

Pictured above are a lidded baker, mini pitcher, the kiln full of bisque, and a pedestal bowl. Sometimes I wish pieces could maintain the rough green ware look and I could skip glazing all together. Now that I've fired plenty of bowls, bottles and tapas plates, I've shifted focus to more time consuming pots. Creating pieces with lids, handles and pedestals takes a good bit more focus, and there is always a risk that a handle will pop off during firing, but when they turn out well they are worth the effort.

Have you ever tried to focus on a delicate task with little kids around? There is a reason I stepped away from the wheel for a year. Scooby is pretty well behaved in the garage as long as he has his own ball of clay and tools to work with. He still interrupts often to ask questions and get me to help him make a pinch pot, but he loves the time we spend together, so I let him join me as often as he likes. Wookie on the other hand, is like a bull in a china shop. When he is not coming after the spinning wheel with tools, he's sticking his fingers in the sloppy water or poking around in areas of the garage a little boy should not be poking around. Yesterday afternoon, he fished a beer bottle out of the recycling bin and busted it on the driveway. Right after I picked up all the glass, he grabbed a small ceramic salsa bowl from the yard sale pile and busted it on the driveway. He then attempted to grab a glass votive, which I managed to intercept just in time. When they are both together, Scooby helps coral Wookie out of the garage to his toys on the sidewalk, but still Wookie is set on destruction.

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